Q:   Is The TANK really open?

A:   The TANK is open to the general public on Saturdays, May through October (more information). Donations are gratefully accepted.

Q:   Will there be other people in the space when I’m there?

A:   Very likely. The TANK is a shared sound space. We encourage you to create your own TANK experience while respecting the experience of others.

Q:   Are children allowed to visit The TANK?

A:   Yes, children supervised by adults are most welcome and are guaranteed to get much from their visit. The TANK is a steel enclosure, however, and sits on grey shale hills in an area with nearly vertical cliffs on and near the property. We ask that you supervise kids closely, inside and outside The TANK.

Q:   Is The TANK safe?

A:   Yes. The TANK has been renovated to meet international codes and standards for a public assembly hall. However, The TANK is made of half-inch steel, so you should move slowly and be careful. There is a curved floor, which makes the sound exceptional, but is tricky to walk on. The lighting in The TANK is minimal, but adequate. 

Q:   Why must I remove my shoes?

A:   The sound of footsteps in The TANK is loud and can last for 20 seconds. To keep the sound pure, and to keep The TANK clean of dust and mud, we ask you to remove your street shoes. (We also want you to slow down and listen.) 

Q:   Can I make a reservation for private use?

A:   Yes, you can contact our Executive Director, Rich Harris, info@tanksounds.org .  The TANK is available for private and small group experiences, recordings, sessions, and small projects.  

Q:   May I bring my own instruments to The TANK?

A:   Yes, please bring your instruments!  We just ask that you take away any instruments you bring.

Q:   Will there be other instruments to play?

A:   Yes, we have several TANK instruments, all one-of-a-kind. Or you can just listen, sing, and experience the space.

Q:   May I make recordings in The TANK?

A:   Yes, you may. You can purchase a TANK USB stick and walk away with your sounds.  

NB: Recordings of impulse responses (digital copies of The TANK’s acoustic spatial qualities) are not allowed. Because The TANK’s acoustic space is unique, ever changing with weather and temperature, we encourage people to visit the actual space, not a poor digital copy. 

Q:   What recording gear can The TANK provide?

A:  *The TANK currently has a simple high quality two-channel system that allows a visitor to take away the resulting recordings (48k 24 bit) on a TANK USB stick. A matched pair of Rode NT55 omni microphones are suspended from the center of The TANK, one high, one low. The microphones go to a Sound Devices 442 preamp/limiter and to a Denon 700R professional recorder. We also have a beautiful multi-channel snake for audio, video, and data between the TANK and the control room for future developments.   

Q:   How do I stay informed about what’s happening at The TANK?

A :   Join our mailing list. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Q:   How are you paying for all this?

A:   Through donations from music and sound lovers like you.  In 2013, Friends of the Tank raised more than $46,000 with the Save The TANK Kickstarter capaign. In 2016, we raised more than $63,000 with our second Kickstarter campaign: OPEN The TANK. This astounding outpouring of generosity from hundreds of backers from every corner of the globe saved The TANK from the scrap heap, established Friends of The TANK as an organization, and covered a mixture of capital and ongoing expenses.

We raised $35,000 through private and foundation contributions for a control room/recording studio fabricated from a shipping container by Rhino Cubed of Boulder, Colorado.  $9,000 was raised to modify The TANK and its grounds to meet international building codes and get our certificate of occupancy.  

Our most astounding support has come from the dozens of volunteers and seemingly endless in-kind donations over the last three years.

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts will continue to pursue grant funding, donations, and various sources of earned income, including the sale of TANK Music and fees. Stay up-to-date on our progress.