Season Two, May 1st through October 31st, 2017.

To get an application to use The TANK, please email info(at)tanksounds.org, and put “TANK time” in the subject line, 
or call 970.368.2657. 

What you need to know
Most important to consider is that making music and sounds in The TANK is quite different from any other,  less-reverberant space you’ve ever been, so allowing yourself time to get acclimatized and accustomed to The TANK is essential. Everything in The TANK, from the microphone hoisting system to the control room, is custom-made for The TANK.

About The TANK
The TANK has an 80″ x 40″ doorway for access, which allows entry of instruments and equipment. Inside The TANK, we have 120 volt power, lights, and a theatrical fly system to lift microphones into almost any position. Next to The TANK — with its 40 second reverb — we have installed a container with standard acoustics as a control room and workspace.  It has air conditioning, lights, power,  control room monitors (Rockit 8’s), connectivity to The TANK (12 mic lines, 4 returns, 2 Ethernet lines, and 2 BNC lines for video), and fiber optic internet access.  

Our fees for recording in The TANK depend on the length of time you want to spend in The TANK, whether you want to record, or if you only want to explore The TANK. If you will be recording, do you need to use The TANK’s equipment and/or engineer, or are you making the recordings yourself? We also consider how and for what purpose you intend to use your recordings, and whether you’re willing to do an interactive activity with the community. You’ll be prompted to give details in your application that will help The TANK Time Committee decide what fees to charge. 

Our basic fees (which might be more or less, depending on your application):
1 hour in The TANK: $25; w/recording $50
2 hours in The TANK: $50; w/recording $100
1/2 day in The TANK (4 hrs): $100; w/recording $200
1 day in The TANK (8 hrs): $200; w/recording $400

(These fees are for a Standard Session by our resident assistant audio engineer.)

Below are the three types of recording possibilities. Our assistant engineer will be present at all sessions to assist and give access. 

Standard session
The Tank Center for Sonic Arts is equipped with a standard, easy-to-use Prosumer recording capability. This consists of two omni microphones by Røde, a Sound Devices 442 preamp/mixer recording directly to a Denon 700 recorder onto TANK USB sticks.  Sessions are easy to set up and can be run by our assistant engineer.  The quality of the stereo recording is really quite good. The minimum time for this level session is one hour. 

Professional session 
For a Professional Session, you will need to hire an audio engineer who has been trained on our system, or provide your own professional engineer.  (We will provide a list of local engineers you can contact to set up your session. The cost of the engineer is in addition to fees for use of The TANK and our gear.)

Our professional rig consists of two large diaphragm Charter Oak E700 multi-pattern microphones, 2 Røde NT55 stereo condenser microphones, two DPA 4006 omni microphones, and a Grace 108 mic preamplifier.  Additional microphones may be available.  We also have 12 mic lines, 4 returns, 2 Ethernet lines, and 2 BNC lines for video between The TANK and the container/control room.  Minimum time for a Professional Session is 4 hours (1/2 day). Professional sessions can use our microphone fly system, which allows placement of mics anywhere in the TANK. 

The result will be a multi-channel recording for you to take away to mix and master on your own.  The minimum time for this session is four hours.

Extended sessions
Artists doing larger projects may bring in their own gear and engineers, or use a combination of our gear, their gear, and our engineers after discussing the project with The TANK.  

ABSOLUTELY NO IMPULSE RESPONSES ALLOWED (digital copies of The TANK’s acoustical properties)!

Weather considerations
You should keep in mind that The TANK is a sundial in the high desert. As the sun moves through the day, the temperature inside The TANK changes, but it also changes from side-to-side: when one side is hot, the other is cold. All of this affects the acoustics of The TANK. When you tell us when you’d like to record, we can suggest times of the day better suited to your purposes, acoustically and for your physical comfort.  We have made this rough guide to temperatures in The TANK throughout the year to help you make plans: 

Open Saturdays at The TANK
We have reserved The TANK for Open Saturdays at The TANK every Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. We do not schedule anyone into The TANK during those hours. 

Interacting with the Community
You’ll see a question on the application about interacting with the community while you’re in Rangely. The TANK Center for Sonic Arts and the town of Rangely are committed to the cross-pollination of art and the community, and to creating a culture of listening. Visitors who are here to use The TANK might give a workshop, have a community sing, create a piece about Rangely, take some Rangely residents to a nearby place of sonic interest, show a film, perform for the town, visit the schools, have a found-object instrument building session, lead a listening workshop… We can make suggestions, or you can come up with your own ideas. While this isn’t a requirement of your time at The TANK, we are deeply committed to including the community in our activities at The TANK. The people of Rangely have a great deal to offer, and we like to return the favor by sharing what’s going on at The TANK. And interacting with the community means a discount on your fees! So, think about what you might like to do while you’re here.   

Lodging and Transportation
While we don’t offer lodging or transportation, we can help you to locate lodging in Rangely, and we can point you to transportation options. 

To get an application to use The TANK, please email info(at)tanksounds.org, and put “TANK time” in the subject line, or call 970.368.2657.