Welcome to the TANK


The TANK: Becoming a Center for Sonic Arts!

A little over two years after our beginning, we have accomplished a great deal, thanks to our supporters and the Rangeley and Rio Blanco County communities. 

We have:

  • Raised over $46,000 on Kickstarter to fund the transformation (thank you, backers!)
  • Received permission to change the use of The TANK from water storage to meeting hall
  • Received our building permit and started to build!
  • Created a new driveway (Thanks Uries!) 
  • Installed utility electric power
  • Installed a ventilation system per building code
  • Planned a shipping-container-based outbuilding
  • Planned a large door for musical instruments and people
  • Removed a large pipe on the interior and transformed it into a series of musical instruments which double as benches
  • Received US Federal 501c3 non-profit status!  

There are a GREAT many people to thank – some recent thank-yous listed in our work-party update.

Once we have a certificate of occupancy, it will be safe for the public for the first time ever.  (more)

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To learn about our plans read Future of the TANK.  or download the full document,  TANK Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF).