The TANK Center for Sonic Arts

Video by Ben Gondrez, shot in July, 2018

Here’s a song and pics from our September 7, 2019 concert Echoes of the Ages, with soprano Jolle Greenleaf and lutenist Hank Heijink (plus special guest, their daughter Hannah).

“One road to the musical future now runs through Rangely.” – Alex Ross  Illustration by Vincent Mahé  Read Alex Ross’s article about The TANK in The New Yorker 

A Water Tower Turned Music Venue

In Colorado, a uniquely resonant performance space.



Alive Inside The Tank, last year’s standout recording by Mysteries of the Night, continues to receive its accolades.  Music critic Lloyd Barde has just proclaimed it the #1 Healing Arts and Yoga Music Album of the Year.  The album features James Marienthal on world flutes with vocal harmonies by Sarah Gibbons.  Plus royalties benefit The TANK Center for Sonic Arts.   Click here to buy the album.


Listen to James Hoskins playing his cello in The TANK: beautiful, stately, resonant pieces, recorded at The TANK in 2017 and released as an album in 2018.  Listen to this album here.

We’re pleased to share these voices of children from Rangely, Colorado.  Composed by Kathaleen Hancock Todd.

For directions and accommodations

in Rangely, click here.