The TANK Center for Sonic Arts

A Solo Voice

An evening of solo voice and solo bassoon

Odeya Nini, voice

Archie Carey, bassoon

Saturday, June 2, 8pm

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts

233 County Road 46, Rangely, Colorado


Vocalist Odeya Nini and bassoonist Archie Carey come together in an evening of shared solos.

As composers and improvisors, their work is an investigation of extended techniques and the physics of sound, through tonal shifts, play, and movement of body and mind.



“One road to the musical future now runs through Rangely.” – Alex Ross 
Illustration by Vincent Mahé 

A Water Tower Turned Music Venue

In Colorado, a uniquely resonant performance space.

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Forget Carnegie Hall.
Musicians rush to rural Colorado to play the TANK

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Alive Inside The TANK by Mysteries of the Night

features James Marienthal on Native American and silver flutes and Sarah Gibbons on vocals and percussion.

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