The TANK Center for Sonic Arts

Video by Ben Gondrez, shot in July, 2018

Solstice Festival, June 21 to 23

Three Days of Music and Resonance

Friday, June 21

Dawn Celebration

Welcome the Summer at Sunrise in the Desert

Solar Noon 


Ring the Titanium Bell

Friday Evening Concerts


One Hour Before Sunset

When The Tank Swallows The Sun

Joshua Hill leads a contemplative soundbath

with ambient drones and electro-acoustic violin

9 pm

 Mysteries of the Night 

“Extraordinary music… ethereal, spiritual, 

meditative, and absolutely amazing” 

–World Flute Society

James Marienthal  (indigenous flutes)

Tom Wasinger (guitars & percussion)

Lois LaFond (vocals)

One ticket for both Friday evening events

$20 inside

Free outside

Purchase here.

These are benefit performances.

All proceeds support The TANK.

Saturday, June 22

9am to 1pm

Open Saturday

Free admission to all

to Sing, Play, Experiment in the Tank.

Musical presentations on the hour.

Saturday Night


In Concert

Percussionist William Winant

“Mind-clearingly beautiful,”

says the New York Times.

Winant plays the whole TANK

as one enormous drum, 

using marimbas, drums, gongs, superballs 

and an array of found percussion instruments.

A peak experience!

Purchase tickets here.

Sunday June 22

Visit Gorgeous Rio Blanco County

See Ancient Fremont Rock Art

Discover Dinosaur National Monument

Scout for Wild Mustangs

Swim in Kenney Reservoir

Sunday at Sunset

Ring All the Bells

Closing Ceremony at The TANK

Bring a bell or ring one of ours

All Welcome.

For three years, folks have celebrated the solstice at The TANK, welcoming the first day of summer and greeting the sun at its zenith for the year.  It all begins at dawn on June 21.  At solstice solar noon on Friday, we’ll ring the titanium bell, the huge nose cone of an Apollo mission oxygen tank, which produces a deep, resonant roar, multiplied over and over in The TANK’s powerful reverb.

On Friday evening we present two back-to-back concerts.

At sunset, experience When the Tank Swallows the Sun, a transporting and contemplative soundbath with Joshua Hill from 7:48 to 8:48pm.  Joshua is a young musician, composer and violinist, whose film scores have appeared in several award-winning movies.  For this soundbath, he’ll play ambient drones and electro-acoustic violin. 

Then at 9pm, we present Mysteries of the Night, a fabulous and transcendental deep listening experience, which you can enjoy inside The Tank (for $20) or outside under the stars (for free).  A stellar lineup of musicians, all of whom have much experience playing in The TANK: James Marienthal, Tom Wasinger,  Lois LaFond. 

One ticket for both Friday Night events.  Purchase here.  These artists are donating their performances as a benefit to The TANK. 

The following morning we have a special version of our Open Saturday at the TANK, when anyone can sing, play or just bask in the mighty resonance, free of charge.  We’ll have short musical presentations on the hour.

Then on Saturday night, June 22, our festivities culminate in a concert with an awesome drummer and percussionist, William Winant, playing marimbas, drums, gongs, superballs and an array of found percussion instruments. Winant will bring the sonic splendor of The Tank to life.  Winant has performed with some of the most innovative and creative musicians of our time, including John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Keith Jarrett, Anthony Braxton, James Tenney, Frank Zappa, Cecil Taylor, George Lewis, Steve Reich and Musicians, Yo-Yo Ma, Frederic Rzewski, Ursula Oppens, Joan LaBarbara, Annea Lockwood, Joelle Leandre, Oingo Boingo, Mr. Bungle, Sonic Youth, and the Kronos String Quartet.  He was nominated for a Grammy in 2014.  Admission to this concert is $75 for inside seating–a peak experience–and $10 for outside seating, where you can listen to the concert through our landscape speaker array under the stars.  Purchase tickets here.

On Sunday, you can explore the gorgeous high desert country around Rangely.  Take a tour of ancient Fremont rock art, visit nearby Dinosaur National Monument, seek out the nearly mythical herds of wild mustangs in the wild lands southeast of Rangely (we recommend a four-wheel drive vehicle for this).  Or swim in nearby Kinney Reservoir on the White River.

We close the festival at sunset on Sunday with a group bell ringing.  We invite you to bring your own bell and help us raise a joyful noise in the deep reverberations of The TANK.

We hope you’ll join us for this stunning, one-of-a-kind festival.  You’ll come away with a new sense of deep listening and a new reverence for the planet.

Mark your calendar now!  

Seating and accommodations are limited.

“One road to the musical future now runs through Rangely.” – Alex Ross  Illustration by Vincent Mahé  Read Alex Ross’s article about The TANK in The New Yorker 

A Water Tower Turned Music Venue

In Colorado, a uniquely resonant performance space.



Alive Inside The Tank, last year’s standout recording by Mysteries of the Night, continues to receive its accolades.  Music critic Lloyd Barde has just proclaimed it the #1 Healing Arts and Yoga Music Album of the Year.  The album features James Marienthal on world flutes with vocal harmonies by Sarah Gibbons.  Plus royalties benefit The TANK Center for Sonic Arts.   Click here to buy the album.


Listen to James Hoskins playing his cello in The TANK: beautiful, stately, resonant pieces, recorded at The TANK in 2017 and released as an album in 2018.  Listen to this album here.

We’re pleased to share these voices of children from Rangely, Colorado.  Composed by Kathaleen Hancock Todd.

For directions and accommodations

in Rangely, click here.